Kingdom of the Serpents Skull

The characters are all passengers on a merchant ship named the Jenevere, bound from Magnimar and travelling down the west coast from port to port till it arrived in the southern land of Sargova. You reasons for travel are varied. The resource-rich but war-torn land of Sargova attracts mercenaries, merchants, explorers and those who need to ‘disappear’ from more civilized realms in equal measure.

Sargova was founded centuries ago, a product of Chelaxian conquest. Cheliax dominated the rich but fragmented lands of the Mwangi expanses, conquering the native states and exploiting the seemingly endless natural resources. That changed when Cheliax plunged into civil war and chaos. Her colonies, Sargova included, broke free.

That freedom came at a high cost. Sargova found itself surrounded by resentful ‘native’ kingdoms and tribes, its trade with the rest of Golaron prey to pirates and even darker forces. Sargova became a garrison state, fearful of the natives and usually at war with at least one of its neighbors. The wild and at best partially explored hinterlands were full of dangerous monsters that constantly pressed on Sargova’s porous borders. Civilization grew infirm, then began to retreat, one razed settlement, one lost garrison at a time.

And yet Sargova survived. The descendants of Chelaxian conquerors were hardier and more adaptive then anyone would have thought. They intermarried with the local peoples, built alliances, and fought back against the creeping darkness with a grim determination that even Sargova’s many enemies grew to respect. Sargova, though never stable or safe, won a precarious prosperity, built on trade and a ruthless willingness to kill to survive. Trade with the rest of Golaron revived, and many merchants grew wealthy exporting the wide variety of minerals and crops as well as specimens of the exotic (and often very dangerous) wildlife that was found only in the Mwangi lands. Travelers from more ‘civilized’ realms now travel there to trade and often to explore the wilderness. Legends of ancient cities and lost empires lying hidden in the primal jungles and savannahs draw adventures like wine draws the thirsty. There are those who warn that some lost things, some lost secrets, should stay lost, but they are ignored. Every vanished expedition just seems to draw more of the curious or the simply reckless.

Sargova is still threatened. The newly united Cheliax, under House Thrune, tried to re-conquer their ‘stolen’ colony. They sent a mighty fleet to break the south and bring Sargova under the wise rule of Asmodeaus. Sargova was forced to seek aid with the Free Captains of the Shackles, a huge and merciless pirate alliance, as well as go deeply in debt to several merchant guilds, including the rapacious Aspis Consortium. The invasion was defeated and Cheliax’s fleet scattered to the winds but Sargova is still trying to survive the embrace of its new ‘allies’ who threaten to be even deadlier then any horde of foreign invaders. In the hinterlands the new cult of the undead child-god grows more powerful, conquering native kingdoms and promising to ‘cleanse’ the land of all thing foreign and unholy. Other forces prowl the borders, some perhaps things awoken from long sleep by foolish adventures.

As said, many people travel to Sargova for many reasons. The Mwangi expanse is primarily human, but members of all races can be found. Goblinoids are rare but other races, while somewhat uncommon do not draw much attention. There are even ‘native’ tribes of elves and other races living in the wildlands. One group of ‘wild’ elves are even said to resemble Drow….

Sargova’s economy can support all classes, from soldiers and sailors for hire, to wizards and clergy from many competing and often exotic religions. Fighters for hire are ALWAYS welcome. Other classes are welcome if they can aid in the defenses or have money to spend. The wealthy maintain rich households, with servants and guards. There are also branches of the great universities who sponsor expeditions into the surrounding wilderness for wealth or knowledge. It is said that no one with skill and courage goes unemployed. It is also said that a lack of scruples helps greatly in finding wealth in such a land.

The ship you are on, the Jenevere, is a well-run and maintained merchant ship. Captain Kovack seems quite competent. There several passengers journeying with you. They are:

Aerys Mavato, a very attractive half-elf woman. She rarely speaks and stays in her cabin most times. When spoken to she is curt, though not openly rude. A sailor mentioned she drinks heavily in her cabin at night. She can certainly fight. The first day on board she knocked out a crewman with her fists when he pinched her ass. The only time she has opened up was at dinner in the galley when she recited some poetry. The poetry was quite good and apparently her own.

Gelik Aberwhinge, a spry and energetic gnome. He is always impeccably dressed in rather garish clothing. He seems of noble birth and is quite friendly, telling many tall and often amazingly obscene tales of life in the great cities of Golaron. He doesn’t mention his reasons for travel. He can be very sarcastic and rude when angered (which is apparently an easy thing to do). He is very curious and shows a lot of knowledge of the history and knowledge in general.

Ieana – a good looking but very reserved human woman. Ieana seems to be a scholar, traveling to Sargova for research. Quite and curios, she asks you about your background. She seems very well educated and refined. Surprisingly she has recently become friends with Captain Kovack, perhaps if the rumor is true, his lover.

Ishorou – thirty something and rather dour human. Ishorou is a scruffy and somewhat surly man, with well-worn clothes and few possessions save his high-quality looking katana. He rarely smiles and keeps to himself. He does seem very knowledgeable about sailing and has even helped the crew on occasion. People believe he is simply a mercenary looking for work.

Sasha Nevah – a gorgeous red-headed human woman. A free-spirited, almost manic seeming woman who seems to enjoy flirting with the crew. She can be moody and has a wild temper, drawing a knife on a sailor she had been flirting with just minutes before. She is missing a finger on her hand and once you caught a glimpse of a large tattoo on her back that looked like a weird claw. She says she is a business woman, though she certainly does not seem like one. She carries a fine rapier and a kukri.

There is also a prisoner kept locked in a room in the hold. No one is allowed to go near the room or speak to the prisoner.

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